a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Saigon, Vietnam;
focusing on bespoke furniture, graphic design and web development.

Omnitrax - Clients

Logo design

is developing a subscription access SaaS platform to enable stakeholders of offshore oil & gas operator
and service companies to track the real-time location and monitor attributes of assets anywhere in the world using a proven, customisable Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) tracking technologies.

OrientVsion - Clients

Brandkit - Website

provides customized HR solutions for corporate ventures, with a strong focus on foreign-owned enterprises based in Vietnam.

CreForce - Clients

Front-end web development

is a platform designed by commercial real estate professionals
to improve the management of specific property information in your target market.

District Eight - Clients


Founded in April 2010, District Eight is a furniture design firm that creates quality work, inspired by the industrial age.

Keep in touch

Saigon, Vietnam
118/1 Me Coc St, ward 15, district 8
Email: info@studionogias.com
Call directly: +84 902 75 86 75

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